ART in action

Aktionskunst ART IN ACTION Project:
Schwerter zu Pflugscharen –
Turning Arms into Tools
Author: Lutz-Volker Spies

During this time of political change between East and West we are organising the above project- Schwerter zu Pflugscharen -or turning arms into tools.

Old, out-of-service artillery or weaponry, tanks and canons for example, will be set up at a busy public place or a designated area for public events.

Phase 1: The weapon will be cut up with blow-torches or cutting torches.

Phase 2: There will be a small smelting plant in which the pieces of metal will be melted down.

Phase 3: The thus neutralised weapons will then be converted into objects or tools suitable for civil use by various metal specialists (tools makers, farmers, arts and crafts specialists etc,)

General Outline:
1. The spectators can take an active part in the individual phases of the programme under experienced supervision,

2.There will be an exhibition in the information tent which will portray the theme of war and armaments under aspects of peace.

3.Workshops will serve to consolidate the theme for the visitors, and especially for school children.

4.Local and regional groups, intiatives or theatre groups will stage performances on this theme. Berlin; London; Paris; Rome, Prague; Tokyo; NYcity, Moscow. Because of its geographical position, we would like to start in Berlin.

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