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Satz/Layout: Werbeagentur Josef Frick, Krumbach
Besonderen Dank an Angelika Hosser für die graphische Umsetzung

Colour Rooms
A multicolour Installation from Lutz-Volker Spies
1. The colour room consists of 2m x 3m glazed frames. arranged in a U-shape.
On each frame 3 monochrome filter effect rollerblinds are mounted, in the
colours vellow, magenta and blue. By pulling down the different coloured
ollerblinds, the Colour Room is enveloped in 6 colours (vellow, red, magenta,
lue, cyan and green). The filters lend the room and the view outside intensive
colour. Each rollerblind to the front of the Colour Room has one of three
Windows cut out. Every Colour Room produces a differently coloured window.
2. Three geometric shapes are placed outside, facing the Windows at the front
of the Colour Room: a magenta cube on the left, a vellow pyramid in the
middle, and a blue circle to the right (the shapes are diffusely lighted).
3. Colour tones and nuances are not represented
4. These shapes are symbols for entities with which human beings come into
contact or communicate with, or things we want to study, discover, or probe into.
The type of relationship to the shapes will depend upon the colour of the room
nd the window. The Colour Rooms Stands for the mental attitude, psychic
constitution or intention that influence or „colour“ a decision. The Windows can
be experienced äs moments or instances in which the world appears stränge or
foreign (bright of spot). Only by stripping away prejudices and a critical inspection
of one’s attitude can a better understanding be achieved.
5. This installation has a lasting effect and animates the guest to reflect about
colour and perhaps also about him/herself.
1 Yellow Room
2 Orange Room
3 Cherry Rose Room
4 Blue Room
5 Green Room

Colour Cubes
12. The Colour Cubes are, like the Colour Room, U-formed, monochrome
filter-effect glass frames. They are placed outside in frequented areas such as
pedestrian zones, points of interest, etc.
13. Those who see the cubes experience an intensive colour effect, because
the filtered skylight produces an extremely distorted view of the normal environment.
Colour Cubes: yellow, magenta, blue, orange, purple, green.
14. Optimal frequency and effect is reached when the Colour Room is placed either
outside or in a gallerie, museum or institute, and the Colour Cubes in exposed areas
within the city. Everyone who passes the installation is invited to come in and be lead
through the wonderful world of colours. On the top right band corner of the
Colour Cube the sponsor’s, gallerie’s, or museum’s logo appears in a
complementary colour. An elementary reference to the Colour Theory could also
be provided; the installation could also be used to teach schoolchildren about colour.
A colour decoder provides information about Colour Therapy, whereas the Cubes
could be used äs a form of Colour Therapy for pedestrians.
15. Multicolour Rollerblinds and Colour Pavilions will be marketed through the
gallery or museum where the Colour Rooms are exhibited. Like the Colour Rooms,
these rollerblinds consist of three filters in yellow, magenta and cyan. The rollerblinds
or colour pavilions are handmade from artists and artisans, and decorated with
Ornaments, mosaics, mandalas or symbolic motives made from coloured filters.
Guests to the exhibition purchase these rollerblinds for use at home and, depending
on their mood or fantasy, fill their rooms with colour, use them for colour therapy or
to create exciting new atmosphere.

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